Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are your ready for the Valentine's day?

Valentine's day is coming. Did you get something for your sweetheart yet? In Japan, women give chocolate to men. Men give various gifts to women on March 14th called White Day. This tradition started as a marketing tool for chocolate companies in Japan. Japanese women are encouraged to express love to men by giving chocolate and other gifts on February 14th. I'm glad I'm in the U.S. now! If you haven't decided what to give to your woman, how about this colorful heart t-shirt or hoodies for her?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Peace Wing Apparel Store Blog

Welcome to Peace Wing Apparel Store blog. I have designed a lots of peace t-shirt. It's all available from this link.
I started to design peace t-shirt after my son was born. It was summer of 2006.
Back then, under Bush administration, it seemed like to me, the whole world was covered by the gray aura. I felt like I can't say "No War" or "No violence" out laud. I thought may be the government will start tap your phone. All I could do was designing some peace t-shirts and anti-Bush t-shirt.

Now, Bush isn't president of the USA anymore, but the war he started is still on, the economy is still in mess. Obama works very hard but seems like the job is so big.
Since last year, I noticed a lot of peace t-shirts are sold at every stores. I see people wearing them a lot. I hope they mean it, because keeping peace isn't easy even between with your husband (big time.)